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Lenzetto® Mode of action: Evaporative
delivery is an innovation in HRT1–3

With it’s evaporative solution, Lenzetto®
achieves quick-drying transdermal delivery3

Lenzetto® is sprayed on the surface of the skin with an alcohol-based evaporative solution delivering the estradiol and penetration enhancer1

The solution evaporates and the estradiol and enhancer absorb through the skin surface1

The estradiol and enhancer form a reservoir under the skin, from where the estradiol is slowly absorbed to the circulation1

Transdermal delivery bypasses first-pass hepatic metabolism, allowing administration of lower doses than oral HRT – putting Lenzetto® in line with the International Menopause Society guideline recommendations to titrate HRT to the lowest effective dose.3,4

The unique* spray design and innovative delivery of Lenzetto® are shown in this mode of action video.1,2

*Lenzetto® has not been determined as superior to other HRT formulation. Here, unique is used to describe the fact that Lenzetto® is currently the only HRT with a spray design.

Lenzetto® is an effective relief for hot flushes
compared with placebo†5

All three Lenzetto® dosage groups had significantly reduced:

†The primary efficacy endpoints were mean change from baseline in frequency and severity of moderate-to-severe hot flushes at weeks 4 and 12.

Lenzetto® reduces both the frequency and intensity of hot flushes vs placebo5

Adapted from Kovacs G, et al. Climacteric. 2016.

Lenzetto® was shown to have similar efficacy
to patches of similar doses when indirectly
compared in a network meta-analysis6

In a network meta-analysis of eight RCTs comparing the efficacy of Lenzetto® and patch HRT formulations relative to placebo (indirect comparison)6

  • Lenzetto® was reported to be an effective relief for hot flushes compared with placebo6
  • There was no significant difference between Lenzetto® and the patch at any dose6

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